Our Aims

Treetops Therapy & Training aims to assist children to make the best use of the educational opportunities offered to them. We believe that all of our children and young people should be able to enjoy and achieve at school. We know that by supporting children's access to education, through helping them to manage their feelings and behaviour, we can help them them to be more resilient and to avoid cycles of violence, abuse, crime and mental ill health.

What do we do?

Treetops Therapy & Training provides therapeutic support for primary-aged children, offering sessions based in a safe and familiar school environment. We work with a wide range of issues, adapting our approach to offer the right kind of help and support for children, including those with a broad or complex range of issues and concerns. 


Treetops Therapy also works with parents, staff and organisations. This can help to ensure that the work done in sessions can be of benefit in the child’s life and relationships outside of therapy. We offer training sessions, develop strategies that can be used to support children at school and at home, and support organisational growth and development. 


Interventions include:

Using the Arts

We use creative processes in therapy and training, because we know that working with the arts and play can help people to express themselves in their own way. In workshops and in sessions, children are able to explore their own creativity and to express themselves by using drawing, painting and claywork, sand tray and miniatures, guided imagery and relaxation techniques, drama and puppetry, poetry and movement.

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